About Me

Simply put, I am a writer. (See all my related stuff here.)

How do I hire you for work?

Great question! Unfortunately at this time, my freelancing is strictly word-of-mouth due to a great number of demands on my time. The future is always changing, however…

I work in the metropolitan Washington DC area as a marketing manager for a nonprofit association. Currently, my long-term projects involve a blending of gaming and professional development, creating a new and unique approach to how NPOs approach member education and career advancement. I also assist with the organization’s website construction, maintenance, content, and strategy, and poke around in video and social media operations from time to time.

Oh, and I’m currently developing a board game, video game, and app game for same employer, all of which focus on safety in the workplace and hazard recognition.

I’ve won twenty-four major marketing awards, two Origins Awards (and nominated for a third), am a presenter at various communications and marketing conferences, and judge for various writing, communications, and gaming associations.

When I have downtime (yeah, right!), I do work with a few select nonprofits and other organizations as a freelancer. I’ve done work constructing email marketing campaigns, reorganizing and rewriting website content, editing publications, and assisted with website refreshes.

From 2008-2015, I served as Editor-at-Large of WeLoveDC; we closed the site down in early 2015 (but it remains up; all of my posts are archived there). We aimed to be a mix of local journalism and cultural relevance in the city, and we achieved those goals for seven great years.

And if I don’t do enough, I am also a freelancer in the game industry, doing such things as  product management, game design, writing, and editing. I wrote a book on games in 2013. Over the last decade, I’ve also branched into freelancing for area NPOs, government contractors, museums, and other organizations.

Looking back, it’s shocking to realize I have logged nearly 25 years in communications, management, marketing, and creative endeavors. My talents have touched into print and digital media, video and radio production, social media and marketing projects, and so much more.

Aside for “all that” above, I’m also a devoted husband of 20+ years, an amateur photographer (as you can see from my Flicker site), a LEGO enthusiast, and a devoted Penguins hockey fan.

Currently, you can reach me via LinkedIn.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I really enjoyed “games’ most wanted” and not because of an obvious reason. It’s amazing that one can go thru life and never know the histories or the whys something was created. This book was very informative and at the same time entertaining. I’ll never look at gaming in the same way again!

    1. Yep, time for a cleaning and general repair. Which is something to be said about the inside as well… 🙂

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