Welcome to My Worlds

Herein lies a collection of chaotic order, straight from my mind. Or my desk. Or computer? (Wait, am I actually an AI now?)

Anyway, this is a collection of my musings, thoughts, stories, projects, and oddities from my creative side. It’s dominated me for pretty much all of my life, so I might as well showcase it somewhere, right?

You’ll find topics and projects via the menu at the top left. Looking for my writings in one beautiful chaotic swirl? This is what you want. If you’re curious more about the person behind the brain behind the creativity spread out here, well – you can peak into that, too. Or if you’re more “I know that name from somewhere but just can’t figure out where” then I’d suggest checking this short bit on my work over here.

Does that make sense?

Reach out to me on Twitter if you’re feeling brave enough.