Clan of the Il: Year 3146

Continuing alternate timeline stuff I developed during my stint with a particular company. Here are timeline notes for 3146, developed as background for a now-abandoned project.

The complete timeline, which was developed prior to the book in order to set up the backstories included therein, was provided to writers during the solicitation. This way, context was provided for their writing prompts. This working timeline was a collaborative effort as I relied on the support knowledge of three other prominent writers of the line at the time.

Suffice to say, this isn’t official any more as it became obsolete the moment I resigned from the company.

I’ll be dropping a new year every Tuesday (#TimelineTuesday) for the next few weeks. Enjoy a glimpse into the 32nd century, as I envisioned it.


[Jan] In a surprise assault, Combine forces arrive at New Avalon and begin their invasion. The kanrei’s strategy is similar to that of Palmyra: overflights and bombardments of concentrated AFFS defenses, then a comprehensive landing at several different locations.

[Jan] Julian’s task force hits New Canton in the same manner as Menkalinan.

[Feb-May] FWL forces take Abramkovo, Zdice, Kamenz and Bolan.

[Feb] Julian’s task force arrives at Gan Singh. Before the raid gets underway, a Republic agent makes contact with Julian. A pre-recorded message from Stone invites Julian to Terra to meet. Specific routing instructions are included; failure to follow the procedure is a guaranteed death via the Wall. The raid on Gan Singh goes as planned, but without Julian, who transfers to a waiting shuttle and embarks for Terra under Republic protection.

The rest of his task force is ordered to rendezvous with Sandoval and whatever AFFS forces he can scrape together at Goshen by October.

[Mar] The Confederation begins a new assault wave, now aimed at Kathil.

[Apr] Increase in the number of pirate raids against Filtvelt Coalition.

[May] Capellans readjust their forward lines – reducing pressure on the Suns front – as Julian Davion’s small armada (without Julian) pushes through 1-2 more Confederation systems, conducting fast-strike raids aimed at disruption. The CCAF push towards Kathil is slowed as Liao moves to defend against Julian’s actions*.

[*Developer noteI’m all for having Julian request help from the Foxes, giving them complete “keep what you kill” rights. What worlds are conceded later is indeed up for discussion; I’d suggest one near the DC/OA area, one near the ROTS/FS area, and one near the CC/TC area.

Writer responseI like the idea of 3 separate worlds, and the Sharks don’t seem to mind that approach; they’ve used it before. Does mean we need to give them enough forces to garrison all 3. Bonus points if we can make at least one of those 3 economically relevant.]

[Jun] Julian Davion and Devlin Stone meet on Terra. Julian lays out the original agreement between the Suns and the Republic, as initially forged by Harrison and Redburn. Recognizing the importance of retaining a major ally such as the Suns for his near-future plans, Stone agrees to honor the alliance and proposes a new strategy. When the Republic drops the Wall to reclaim its territory, Stone will send a major task force into the Suns and liberate it from the Combine’s hold. This will allow Julian to concentrate the remains of his forces against the Confederation without fear of further loss to the Combine. (Any losses between now and Stone’s emergence would be erased when the RAF plows directly towards the Suns capital.)

Secretly, this accomplishes Stone’s motive of breaking the CCAF, currently considered the largest and toughest House army capable of killing the Republic’s return.

[Jun] MIIO and Sandoval concoct a plan to “ambush” the Confederation. They leak information to a known Liao spy about mass stockpiles of AFFS material and a building militia/garrison on Marlette. Meanwhile, several elite AFFS commands as well as a sizeable aerospace contingent are quietly moved to the system.

[Jun] Julian departs Terra with over a regiment of war material to bolster the AFFS forces under his command. He will attempt to slip through Confederation lines on his way to Goshen, arriving in the fall. Before he leaves, Stone shares with him recent intel on the DCMS forces massing outside of New Avalon. It appears the Suns capital will be the Dragon’s next target.

[Jun] Anastasia Kerensky becomes saKhan of Clan Wolf. The remaining Wolf Hunters, who have been fighting under contract to the Lyrans, defect to the Wolves.

[Jul] The DCMS invades New Avalon and settles in for a grueling twelve-week campaign.

[Jul] Claiming that Tharkad cannot keep them safe from the encroaching FWL, Lyran general Diego Widmer declares himself warlord of Buena and secedes from the Commonwealth. He also lays claim to Valloire and his homeworld of Ayacucho and offers protection to any worlds in the region who want it. His first action is to launch an assault on Loburg and forces the world to capitulate, seizing the valuable arms factories in the process.

[Aug] Philip Hughes dies in a hunting accident; Jessica Marik goes into a period of mourning. Regulus attacks the Free Worlds League.

[Aug] CCAF invades Marlette, expecting a quick victory and denial of major war resources from the Suns military. The arriving fleet is allowed to close and then jumped with the arrival of Julian’s Sea Fox armada. On the ground, the CCAF is met with ferocious resistance by several elite AFFS regiments. The battle is waged for the better part of the month before Danai recognizes the losing battle after most of the CCAF’s aerospace is destroyed. (Including a WarShip?) She brokers a cease-fire with Erik, falling back on the Confederation’s recent gains*.

[*Developer note: There is no set time agreement here, however. The Confederation wouldn’t simply halt their progress with a dying FedSuns on their doorstep. Danai, however, fears more AFFS trickery as their military is wound down – she wouldn’t put it past the Feddies to break out nukes like they did in the FCCW. She instead opts to use the time to shift and re-evaluate the projected campaign, possibly due to an increase of FWL-sponsored attacks on the Andurien border. At most, the Confederation will remain static for a year, no more.]

[Sep] Arc-Royal falls to the Jade Falcons. Grand Duke Martin Kell killed and the Hounds forces on-planet destroyed. Many Hounds dependents flee to hook up with Callandre’s force. Wolf-in-Exile forces abandon the planet and relocate to Donegal.

[Sept] More worlds join Widmer’s Buena Collective. Urjala attempts to join but the LCAF units in-system overthrow the government. Reinforcements from Buena are sent.

[Oct] Alaric Ward offers reconciliation to any Wolves-in-Exile who wish it. Though his offer is tempting, most Exiles refuse to consider it as long as the Wolves are a threat to the Commonwealth.

[Oct] The Combine plants their flag on New Avalon*. With Robinson and New Syrtis also occupied, AFFS command—ordered by the Regent, Erik Sandoval—withdraws to the only free March capital, June.

[*Developer noteJulian will assume that his recent agreement with Stone to “liberate the Suns” will now include the fallen New Avalon.]

[Oct] Julian and Eric rendezvous on Goshen, along with a pitiful few AFFS. Erik begins planning Operation: PERCEVAL against the Combine. On his own initiative, Julian spent part of his return journey hiring mercenaries; nearly four regiments worth of hired troops arrive to support the AFFS forces in-system. Fearing it may not be enough after seeing how few AFFS troops are available, he authorizes more hiring of mercenaries, requiring them to arrive by January.

[*Developer note: This action could lead to recession or whatnot; with unlimited spending, there’s bound to be major abuse here by both FedSuns opportunists and greedy mercenaries.]

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