Clan of the Il: Year 3145

More archive stuff. Here are timeline notes for 3145, which sets up a now-abandoned project. This entry’s short; the rest of the years are much, much longer.

The complete timeline, which was developed prior to the book in order to set up the backstories included therein, was provided to writers during the solicitation. This way, context was provided for their writing prompts. This working timeline was a collaborative effort as I relied on the support knowledge of three other prominent writers of the line at the time.

Suffice to say, this isn’t official any more as it became obsolete the moment I resigned from the company.

I’ll be dropping a new year every Tuesday for the next 7 weeks. Enjoy a glimpse into the 32nd century, as I envisioned it.


[Apr] Tucker Harwell, disillusioned and desperate, locates and thaws out Devlin Stone. Stone, enraged that Levin has not enacted the more martial aspects of Fortress Republic, begins studying the situation in the last reported information from the Successor States and planning their conquest; the failure of the Republic (and without Lear’s leavening influence) has convinced him that he must ‘do it all himself.’ Realizing who and what caused the Blackout, at some point after he awakens Stone uses a force of Knights and RAF to wipe out the Guardians.

[Dec] Julian’s Sea Fox/AFFS armada hits Menkalinan. The strike is designed to stir trouble in the Confederation rear areas and attempt to pull attention from the FedSuns front. Julian’s forces raze a few industrial areas and blow up materiel stockpiles, then withdraw. One of his officers is caught by CCAF forces; a Republic agent rescues him and learns of Julian’s next stops at New Canton and Gan Singh. A report is sent to The Republic, which reaches Stone’s attention. Stone puts into play an intel plan to get Julian’s attention.

(Again, note: this is just the setup for the book. Future timeline posts will be much more detailed.)

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