Wars of Reaving

Cover art for the Wars of Reaving, by Neil Roberts

This section details my first complete “solo” source book for Catalyst Game Lab’s BattleTech game license, The Wars of Reaving. Herein lies a few previews and a series of articles regarding the development and writing process of the book (5 years in the making) through its publication.


Road to Reaving – Part I

Road to Reaving – Part II

Road to Reaving – Part III

Road to Reaving – Part IV

Road to Reaving – Part V

Road to Reaving – Part VI

Road to Reaving – Part VII

Road to Reaving – Part VIII

Road to Reaving – Part IX

Road to Reaving – Part X

Road to Reaving – Frequently Asked Questions

Reaving Raving – Ask the Author

It’s an Honor Just Being Nominated

Earlier posts, from earliest to latest:

Time of Triumph (AFD!)

My Latest Project: War of Reaving

War of Reaving – Now With More Reaving

WOR Preview?

WOR – Another Preview or Just Gibberish?

WOR – Now I’m Just Teasing

WOR – Progress

More to come, so check back often!

26 thoughts on “Wars of Reaving

  1. Ok, so who do I have to bribe/kill/stalk/whatever to get a color poster-sized version of that artwork?

  2. i would like to write a battletech novel….how do i go about it??? i’ve been a fans since my first Blaine Lee Pardoe novel Impetus of War when i was in middle school. I believe i have some great ideas and would love to contribute to the franchise….

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