The Total Chaos Project


Back in 2005, Paul Sjardijn and I debuted the “Chaos Campaign” and Warchest system for the BattleTech universe. It was a fundamentally different approach to building game scenarios that mimicked how a video game might handle such an endeavor. All of the BattleTech plot books detailing the Jihad story arc utilized them, providing a multi-pronged approach for any player unit wishing to move through the era.

As the arc finished up, we knew there had to be some type of wrap-up product to tie it all together. During the course of the run – from Dawn of the Jihad in 2005 through Jihad: Final Reckoning in 2011 – the game had introduced an updated core rulebook (Total Warfare) and a host of additional hardcover optional rulebooks. What we started with in DOTJ was somewhat different looking in J:FR.

So the Total Chaos project was born. Over the course of about six months, the product went from design inception through publication; Total Chaos was released in print form in the summer of 2012. And as I’d done (to wild acclaim and success) with Wars of Reaving, I blogged about the Total Chaos process.

Here are the posts, from start to finish:

Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory, Redux
Mercenaries and Mass Chaos
Worlds of Chaos
Final Chaos
After Chaos

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