The Irish Chronicles – Part 7

Ireland, Day Eight
10/9/05 09:28 pm

Left Killarney after a leisurely breakfast with the only other guest, a Mr. Baird from Denver. Very nice gentleman, he’s on a trip with his kids and brother-in-law (his wife had passed away several years back). Found out he comes every year.

Still no luck finding an open antique store.

Drove north toward Ennis / Doolin so we can see the Cliffs of Moher and (hopefully) the Aran Islands. Crossed the River Shannon at Tarbert – nice crossing, very pleasant.


Swung from Kilkee towards Loop Head, drove only part of the drive due to time. Incredible. It’s a plateau that just falls into the ocean – jagged bluffs and very windy.


What was amazing was the grass that grew everywhere, even the rocks out in the bay were covered.


Saw the remains of a fort / house on one such formation. The rock was easily 100 ft. high (if not more) and over 100 yards away from the cliff. Had to have been part of the coast at one time…

Drove by the Cliffs but didn’t stop – M was getting hungry and there were LOTS of tourists present. Plus, the wind was getting really strong. Figured we do them tomorrow or Tuesday.

Arrived at the inn mid-afternoon. VERY nice hostess, turns out she’s a singer. We snagged the last room she had. She suggested O’Conners pub for dinner and music, so we walked.


Food was good but M wasn’t full, went in hunt for some dairy for her. Not much to be found – ended up forcing down a full litre of milk (of which I ended up drinking 3/4ths of it). Returned to the inn to discuss options for tomorrow and crashed early. The wind, by this time, was howling and strong. Was told it wasn’t normally like this, so hopefully (God willing) it will calm for us for Monday.

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