The Irish Chronicles – Part 6

Ireland, Day Seven
10/8/05 09:17 pm

Drove to Dingle and Slea Head – mostly coastal.  Lots of stopping and such so M could shoot.  A rain bank was coming in on the Kerry peninsula opposite us – was cool to watch the rain move down the bay (only sprinkled on our side).


Stopped at Inch Strand at low tide.


Very clear, though it did start to sprinkle after 10 minutes.  Strange, having it rain yet the sky so blue.  Other times, the sky was clear on one side of the car and raining on the other.


Stopped at Dunogan mound, an old (500 BC) hill fort right on the Atlantic.  Very wierd, being among such antiquity.

Dingle was slammed with tourists and buses, so we drove right on through. I wanted to see the Trinity Tree, but there were a LOT of people in town, so we just kept going.  M wanted to see the Blasket Centre, a “modern architectural marvel”. On the way there, we stopped a few times for photos.


We could see the Skellig Isles, shrouded in mist and then five minutes later, clear.

Also happened to spot two different rainbows; M got both on film (we hope) and I tagged one on digital.


Finished the Dingle Ring – just lots of pictures, really, and got caught in heavy rain outside of Tralee all the way back to Killarney. Stopped at the inn and freshened up, then walked into town to Squire’s Pub and ate dinner.  The World Cup match between Ireland and Cypress was on (Ireland won, 1-0); we stuck around and watched the game with some very enthusiastic fans – it was more raucous and friendly than watching a NFL game at home.  Very filling (and cheap) dinner, so afterward we walked the town again, searching for antique glass bottles – her dad is a collector.

Saw several in various pub windows, but those weren’t for sale. Spotted an antique store that was closed – we’ll go there on Sunday on our way out of town tomorrow, but otherwise, no luck.

Stopped at O’Donoghue’s for live music – we grabbed the last two seats near the bar.  Had to wait an hour, while we waited the place filled up rather quick.  Listened to several middle-aged drunk Irish women with pink cowboy hats sing an impromptu rendition of Rhinestone Cowboy (complete with bad fake Southern accent) before the band started.  It was obvious “canned” event, not the ceili‘s I’d heard about. We left after 30 minutes – the press was too much for me. Though the 60-ish drunken grandma behind me was very entertaining with her sing-a-long style, until she passed out.

Decided to drive most of Sunday to Doolin, so we can shoot the Cliffs of Moher and go to the Aran Isles during our last few days. Thankfully, we were able to call ahead this time…

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