The Irish Chronicles – Part 5

Ireland, Day Six
10/7/05 09:06 pm

Got started on the counter-clockwise trip around the Ring of Kerry towards Ballinskellig.  Very windy and a little chilly – but also mostly sunny.  Had a bit of trouble finding a laundry place, so we ended up carting around a bag of dirty clothes – we’ll need to wash them in the sink when we get back.

Got M some great picture vistas of the coast near Kells (one of 3 in Ireland, apparently).  Kept an eye out for antique stores to no avail – I’m doubtful we’re going to find any bottles/glass for Jim.

Reached Ballinskelligs around noon and figured from the fact it was deserted that no ferries were running out to the Skellig Isles.  The sea looked rough anyway, so I’m pretty sure it would’ve been a tough trip regardless.  Ended up by accident on a beach we’d read about that had a small ruin – with the obvious rain coming in, gave some good opportunities for photos.


A local approached us while we were shooting and asked if we were from the States (of course) and were we filming for a movie? (of course not!).  Then he wanted to know if M planned on showing these pictures in an exhibit somewhere.  I guess with our camera bags, tripod, lenses and filters we looked the part of professionals…

Continued on the Ring through Waterville.  WOW.  The seaside drive was incredible!


We stopped over 30 times for pictures – and got stuck once thanks to a hidden hole.  Fortunately (thank God) we were able to push our little Polo out with minimal problems and no damage.

We pretty much raced the rain all the way back up the Ring and when we stopped to see the Torc waterfall, we were “convinced” by a local jaunty driver to let him take us around the Muckross Estate and then to the Torc.


(I let him talk us into it, as a horse-and-buggy ride seemed pretty appropriate, considering this was our 10th anniversary.)  Very windy and chilly, but worth it.  Started raining before we were done.

M was apprehensive about going to eat at this point – we both were damp w/windblown hair – so I dropped her off at the inn and I went off in search of food (I know better than to argue).  Ended up parking in Killarney and walking around – in the rain – and got us pizza.  I’m sure I looked a sight, walking with a pizza box four blocks back to the car – in the rain.  It was good, though!

We ended up staying in for the night – neither of us felt like going back out in the rain, so I washed some clothes in the sink.  THAT was an experience I won’t repeat.  We then just kicked back and read – but it wasn’t long before we nodded off into sleep.

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