The Irish Chronicles – Part 4

Ireland, Day Five
10/6/05 08:51 pm

Left on our way to Killarney this morning.  Had the feeling our hostess was tired of people, so we didn’t call ahead for our next booking to save her the trouble.  A mistake on my part – would’ve saved me some aggravation later.

Stopped at a Post office and mailed postcards to family and friends.  Filled up the tank – 35 Euros!  Yeesh.  I won’t bitch about the price of US gas anymore.  Tried to buy a phone card so we could call ahead, but alas, no luck.

When we got to Millway, tried hunting down a card for the phone.  M found a pay phone card at a news stand, so I went to the phone to call ahead.  Ther’re no instructions on these things – I couldn’t figure out how to call *anywhere*.  I ‘faked’ it, getting fax noises, busy signals and wrong numbers.  All while locked in a phone booth in a….”seedier” section of town.  I ended up back at the car and pretty pissed off (not to mention that apparently, I’d brought the one pair of jeans in my closet that are slightly too small – meaning my breakfast was cramping my style).  I’d also burned about half the phone card on pretty much nothing.  So we head off, this time I’m thinking I’ll just call when we’re in Killarney – at least then I’ll know I’m dialing locally.

First few places we stopped at were full (though later, one of them had no cars and was dark,so I suspect the gentleman really was closed for the season and not booked, as he said) but the last one we stopped at the lady was extremely kind and even called around for us.  We end up being sent down the street to one of the inns she knows and behold! It’s available!

By this time my stomach’s in full churning mode, so we unpack the car and after freshining up, I find M down in the breakfast area, drinking tea and eating cookies – though in all fairness, it is lunchtime.  Apparently our hostess had pity on us and made some tea, coffee, and treats.  I de-stress and we then discuss what to do.  Obviously, M wants to head to Killarney National Park, so we grab the photo gear and off we go.

We ended up driving thru the Gap of Dunloe.  Talk about desolate…  The road is barely wide enough to hold a car, and so hidden you can’t see much of it ahead when you look.


M shot at least 3 rolls of film – it was amazing.  If the wind hadn’t been so nippy we’d’ve probably stayed longer than the five hours we were there.

About 6 pm we stopped at Molly Darcey’s – a nice pub near town.  Excellent food, and a pint of Guiness – my first in Ireland – was only 2.60 E.  Very filling meal.

Drove back to the inn and then decided to walk around town – was a nice night.  I needed a razor pretty bad by this point, so we found a late-open grocery and got some disposables.  Downtown was bustling, mainly from late season tourist groups.  Was very nice and we spotted some pubs that would be doing live music tomorrow night, so I think I know what we’re going to do in the evening.

Plan on heading to Ballinskelligs tomorrow.  Hopefully the weather will be good and we can grab a ferry to the Skellig Islands.

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