The Road to Reaving…Part I

Cat’s out of the bag, sorta. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, do yourself a favor and don’t go looking. It’ll be more fun that way. With things winding down, I thought I’d do a short series on writing this tome. It’s my first solo sourcebook and maybe you’ll be interested to […]

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WOR – Progress

So progress continues apace on the Wars of Reaving Sourcebook. Yes, it’s coming. And due to some…schedule juggling, I’ll call it…it’ll be out a lot sooner than hinted at a few months ago. Thought I’d share some more from the book here. Whether it’s actually from the book, cuttings from the floor, or outright fabrication […]

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My Latest Project: War of Reaving

As many have surmised by now, I’m hip-deep into my latest Catalyst project, the War of Reaving Sourcebook. It’s been several years in coming and I’m quite thrilled Herb and Randall (and CGL) have given me the entire kit-n-kaboodle to write. As you can see above, the cover is in its prefinal stages and though […]

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