Ice Time

I find myself in possession of a few minutes before the final regular season game of the Washington Capitals (against the Boston Bruins) so I thought I’d jot down some thoughts regarding the opportunity the Capitals have given me over the last few months. Back in January, I was discussing (via email) with Tom – […]

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2009 Eastern Conference Champs!

‘20090506-IMG_2634’ courtesy of ‘avanluven’ And well-deserved. Back in February, who would’ve thought this Penguin team would be repeat contenders for the Stanley Cup? I’ll admit I had my doubts, but I was pretty confident the Penguins would go far. And far they did. Not bad for a team whose mascot is a flightless bird.

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Hockey Nirvana

‘Ovechkin and Crosby – New Best Friends Forever’ courtesy of ‘clydeorama’ It’s official: Penguins and Capitals in Round 2. I’ll have more to say on this later in the week, but suffice that right now? I AM STOKED. This is the playoff series I’ve always loved and was hoping for this year. Even if it […]

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Emergency Measures

Petr tying his pants, courtesy of ztil301 Don’t ask me about the news regarding Therrien’s firing on Sunday; I’m not quite sure it was the right thing to do. The Penguins have been in this miasmic free-fall mode since December, though argueably you could make the case it started when Sergei Gonchar whacked his shoulder […]

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Who’s the Greatest? Ovie vs. The Kid

Crosby’s View, courtesy of David M* Inevitably, I get asked the question “Who’s better, Crosby or Ovechkin?” Probably because it’s widely known among my friends and acquaintances that I’m a solid Penguins fan. It’s a hard question to answer, really. Burnside and LeBrun tried to answer it recently during a series of articles around the […]

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