Finding Dragon Eggs

So by now, you know that the slog-formerly-known-as-a-Handbook project is now officially out. (As in, currently can be bought as a PDF and soon-to-be hitting store shelves in print form.) Yes, it’s true. Handbook: House Kurita is a reality at long last.

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Secret Police and Colored Dragons

[Quick note: the BattleTech LEGOs you’ve seen here on my blog are the work of other LEGO fans on Flickr. I’m using the photos of their amazing creations under the Creative Commons license. If you like them, click on the photo to check out their other sets. I’d love to claim their creativity as mine, […]

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Closing the Dragon’s Door

Well, you’d think this would be another update…and you would be correct. Except that it isn’t anymore. Despite my (paltry) efforts in trying to sneak open looks into the forthcoming HBHK, interest in this book has never really taken off aside from a relative few Kurita fans. Which, in all honesty, isn’t that surprising. The […]

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The Dragon’s Honorable Daimyo

Some more sectional peeks at HBHK. This go-round, we’ve got a district overview, a vehicle of history, and a look at a planetary crossroads. From Pillar of Gold Galedon Governmental District As the birthplace of the Draconis Combine, the Galedon Governmental District had its days of glory but now suffers the lingering aftereffects of the […]

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The Dragon’s Potpourri

The final chapter of Handbook House Kurita is still somewhat stuck, largely due to me losing an evening’s worth of writing earlier this week. Typically I hit CTRL-S every few minutes to save my work as I write but for some reason, I didn’t the other night. When I went to close down, I got […]

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Life Amongst the Dragon’s Stars

[“Black Marble” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video] And we’re back with a look at the ongoing work in Handbook: House Kurita. One of the more popular bits of the Handbook series is the Touring the Realm section, which provides a wide look at various worlds in the interstellar nation. Each author picks the worlds […]

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The Two-Headed Snake

This will be the last update on Handbook: House Kurita for 2012. Principal writing is winding down and during the upcoming holiday week, most of the book will be (hopefully) completed. I’m also hoping to start seeing some of the art soon; it’s been far too quiet on that front. One of the primary things […]

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HBHK: Arrogance in Character

Been a few weeks, so I thought I’d share a bit more from the ongoing HBHK project. One of the biggest challenges to this particular book is trying to convey the arrogance of the Kuritas (as it’s from the perspective of a Combine historian) without sounding overdone and silly but still convey important information. The […]

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Ever Forward the Dragon Creeps

      And we’re back with the next installment of HBHK, letting you peek behind the Dragon’s curtain at the mysteries within. Or something like that. Anyway, progress continues forward. I’ve pulled some material for preview; the selections this week are scattered across multiple sections.

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