Closing the Dragon’s Door

Well, you’d think this would be another update…and you would be correct. Except that it isn’t anymore. Despite my (paltry) efforts in trying to sneak open looks into the forthcoming HBHK, interest in this book has never really taken off aside from a relative few Kurita fans. Which, in all honesty, isn’t that surprising. The […]

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The Dragon’s Potpourri

The final chapter of Handbook House Kurita is still somewhat stuck, largely due to me losing an evening’s worth of writing earlier this week. Typically I hit CTRL-S every few minutes to save my work as I write but for some reason, I didn’t the other night. When I went to close down, I got […]

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After Chaos

Okay, so I thought I was done with talking about Total Chaos…until I was looking over the final PDF the other day and realized I’d forgotten one important aspect. The art. While the book would contain several new  commissioned pieces, it would also have two other types of art included. The first is what’s called […]

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Final Chaos

Continuing the discussion on my latest book project, Total Chaos. We last left off with deciding what world sidebars to include and then cutting the writers loose. Over the course of two months, assigned material began trickling back to me. I had several phone conversations with Matt Murray, who was tasked with rewriting the Chaos […]

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And My Comment Is…

No comment. Okay, well maybe a small one. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Some background here – this is my primary freelance client, of which I am an assistant line developer for one of their game licenses.) Regarding the actual events, I won’t comment. The official press release from Randall pretty much says it […]

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