Verizon: Endgame

FIOS installed. Rate confirmed. Though the installers were two hours late, I was up and connected by 2 p.m. And they did a nice and clean job on the installation, so I can’t complain there. I will be writing a follow-up letter to Mr. CEO, however. I can’t help but think that if the “peon” […]

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Verizon Update, part 2

After some long back-and-forth and multiple phone calls (and retelling the entire saga at least three more times), it has been decided I am worthy for FIOS at an equal rate, with an additional three months reduction (of about 50%) plus free installation. And when told the earliest install date was Oct 15, the nice […]

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Verizon Update

So according to one department, my DSL is connected and functioning. Yet I can’t connect to the internet. After some digging by the tech people, it’s discovered that no, actually, there’s no DSL order attached to my line. I need to call sales to ‘add’ the order. Which I’d done back at the beginning of […]

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