Handbook: House Kurita


Blogging the ongoing Handbook: House Kurita project. Posts in order from oldest to latest.

Product description:

For almost a millennium, the symbol of the Dragon has struck fear into the rest of the Inner Sphere. The fearless dedication of its warriors, the devotion of its people, and the awesome ambitions of its Coordinator: House Kurita has been more reviled than any other power. Yet a new leader has arisen in the last decades, bringing about a host of reforms and reigning in the realm’s most rapacious desires. Such rebirth comes at a price, as various shadowy influencers fix their eyes on reigniting the Dragon’s glorious past. Only time will tell which path the Dragon will follow….

Handbook: House Kurita cover the pivotal history, politics and cultures of the Inner Sphere’s most feared Great Houses. Not just a sourcebook, Handbook: House Kurita covers rules for both BattleTech and A Time of War game play, including such areas as personal equipment, support vehicles, creatures and more.

(Expected publication date: late-2013/early 2014)

Devotion to the Success of the Combine Through Proper Work
On the Obligations of the Ideal Citizen
On Interstellar Relations, Kurita-style
Ever Forward the Dragon Creeps
HBHK: Arrogance in Character
The Two-Headed Snake
Life Amongst the Dragon’s Stars
In Kurita Space, No One Can Hear You Complain
The Dragon’s Potpourri
The Dragon’s Honorable Daimyo
Closing the Dragon’s Door
Secret Police and Colored Dragons

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