Happy First Anniversary, WLDC!

In 2008 a crack blogging team was bound by restrictions of a blogging organization they didn’t build. These men and women promptly escaped from the shackles of the oppression to the freedom of WordPress. Today they survive as a radical bloggers in the nation’s capital. If all you see is the politics, if no one […]

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Update? Never

Post something regarding BattleTech, see site hits blow through the roof. Post on something OTHER than that universe? Tank city, baby. It’s okay, it only confirms what I’ve known since birth: the goings-on in my life are pretty unimportant to everyone else. The internet LIES! It said if we blogged about all our inanity, we’d […]

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Verizon: Endgame

FIOS installed. Rate confirmed. Though the installers were two hours late, I was up and connected by 2 p.m. And they did a nice and clean job on the installation, so I can’t complain there. I will be writing a follow-up letter to Mr. CEO, however. I can’t help but think that if the “peon” […]

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Verizon Update, part 2

After some long back-and-forth and multiple phone calls (and retelling the entire saga at least three more times), it has been decided I am worthy for FIOS at an equal rate, with an additional three months reduction (of about 50%) plus free installation. And when told the earliest install date was Oct 15, the nice […]

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Verizon Update

So according to one department, my DSL is connected and functioning. Yet I can’t connect to the internet. After some digging by the tech people, it’s discovered that no, actually, there’s no DSL order attached to my line. I need to call sales to ‘add’ the order. Which I’d done back at the beginning of […]

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It’s Not a License to be Stupid

On a recent drive to and from Pittsburgh, I’ve come to realize that residents of certain states have a typical driving style. Illinois:  Hell-bent on getting there as fast as possible.  Adept at maneuvering in and out of lanes with scant clearance between cars.  Able to dodge lane-changing trucks without incident and arrive at the […]

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