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Update: Apparently, when you’re viewing this site and you’re not logged into a WordPress account, they do play ads at the bottom of posts (as per their User Agreement). These ads are approved by WordPress, but if anyone ever sees any ads that are inappropriate, please let me know. *** I’ve been informed by one […]

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Dear Dunder Mifflin…I Resign

‘Dunder Mifflin, Inc.’ courtesy of ‘Marcin Wichary’ Dear Mr. Wallace: I’ve been a faithful employee of Dunder Mifflin going on five years now. I loved showing up each week; my fellow employees were quirky, endearing and awesome. Even my boss, Michael Scott, was fun – if a bit clueless. He had his redeeming qualities, which […]

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I suppose I should update this thing. And I will, I swear. Just….not right now. Lots going on, much in the air – all good, mind you – and I am having a hard time just settling down for 5 minutes to do something without getting distra

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I’ll admit right off the bat this website is still in “toddler stages” as I get things up and going. Therefore, I encourage you to return often as the site will be continually updated as I have time. Being a full-time on-staff writer as well as a freelancer in the game industry does tend to […]

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