Lego Borderlands

Having collected Lego for just about a year now, and having played Borderlands 2 regularly with my co-op partners for about 15 months, it was inevitable I’d mush the two together. So while a Lego Borderlands set/video game isn’t likely, at least I can indulge the fancy from time to time.

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That’s No Moon…

My wonderful wife gave me the Lego Death Star exclusive kit this past Christmas. Rather than spend a solid two days gorging on building this awesome set, I decided to take my time and spread the construction love over the course of several days in 2-3 hour sessions.

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After Chaos

Okay, so I thought I was done with talking about Total Chaos…until I was looking over the final PDF the other day and realized I’d forgotten one important aspect. The art. While the book would contain several new  commissioned pieces, it would also have two other types of art included. The first is what’s called […]

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NMAI: Hear the Song of the Horse Nation

To walk the exhibit’s path is to walk side by side with the conjoined path of Native and horse. Though horses were introduced to the Native Americans relatively late in North American history—the early 1700s saw the initial widespread explosion of the horse from captured Spanish mounts in the southwest—the image of Indians astride these graceful animals is one that is common to modern Americans.

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The Song of Emil Her Many Horses

Among the Lakota, horses were a measure of wealth, but not in the traditional European sense. To the Lakota—and many other tribes—a more important demonstration of wealth came from giving away horses or other items in honor of a family member. Possession was not as important as generosity. Horses could be given away at naming and memorial ceremonies, or at giveaways, which celebrated anything from the return of a war veteran, honoring a graduating student, or the marriage of a daughter.

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Where Am I?

“Dude, it’s been four months since you last posted. What’s up with you?” Sorry about that. I’ve got some stuff slated to post over the next few weeks, but in general, I’ve been busy: Writing two book manuscripts, both due mid-Feb 2011; one book printing in July 2011, the other in November 2011 Been to […]

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Image of the Moment

Red Tail Hawk in flight, taken during our recent trip to Tennessee/North Carolina. This shot was a total accident as I hadn’t changed my settings…but I like the end result, as it has the look of a painting. Just thought I’d share.

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