A Long Time Ago…

I’ve been seeing a lot of reflective articles and blogs about how the franchise has impacted lives in so many ways. At the risk of getting lost in the noise, I’ll just add my humble two credits to the pile.

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When a Boy Meets Girl…Forever

So inevitably, the question posed to me and my wife at some point – alone or together – is just how we met. Because to know us is to know two fiercely independent-dependent people. How in the world did all this collide, fusing together into a nearly nineteen-year long love affair and marriage?

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That’s No Moon…

My wonderful wife gave me the Lego Death Star exclusive kit this past Christmas. Rather than spend a solid two days gorging on building this awesome set, I decided to take my time and spread the construction love over the course of several days in 2-3 hour sessions.

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Update Randomness, Part Whatever

I’ve got a few minutes, so here’s some random rundowns: 1.) Still jobless. It’s been a hard three months, with over 150 resumes and covers gone out and nary a word in return. I have had a couple of interviews, but nothing panned out so far. The biggest encouragement I suppose is that I’m only […]

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Revenge: Worth the Cost?

Chateau D’if, courtesy of meuh Finished the abridged Count of Monte Cristo not too long ago (abridged…yet still 600+ pages…and I’m flummoxed to find a complete unabridged work, as there are two major plot threads I remember that are missing…) and the following questions popped into my head, as I am wont to do after […]

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Memorex Memories

courtesy of swishphotos My entertainment complex hasn’t changed all that much since my humble beginnings with the audio experience back when I was a teenager. (Isn’t that when most guys get involved?) Of course, by that time, I’d been “indoctrinated” with piano lessons since I was 5, impromptu drum lessons by my uncle when I […]

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