Three Things I Like About: Illuminati

In trying to get back into the swing of things, this latest installment of Three Things focuses on one of my favorite card games from my college era. Illuminati, from Steve Jackson Games (SJG), was a favorite midnight pastime in my dorm and quickly became the go-to game whenever a bunch of us needed a study break. It was common for a resident to wander into the commons room at any hour and find a group of players attempting to rule the world through a network of conspiracy.

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Why I Missed GenCon 2009…

Ok, so in this case the title doesn’t say it all. Actually, it’s just a lead-in to my thoughts that I’ve been gathering over the weekend. I did miss GenCon 2009 this year. First convention in about 10 years I missed and man, it was tough. As the weekend went on (and I watched the […]

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Wargame Memories, Part 1

Back in July of 2007, one of my friends, Brian, organized (with the help of a couple others) an impromptu ‘East Coast Commandothon’ Battletech event up in Gaithersburg, MD. Originally I wasn’t able to go, but managed to swap schedules with my work and drive up to the store for six hours of hyperactive BattleTech […]

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