List of Works

Hi there! You’re probably really curious as to what all I’ve put out there to entertain gamers and others. I’m glad you asked!

I have published print work in more than 30 BATTLETECH game products in print and digital formats, including two solo works: The Wars of Reaving and Handbook: House Kurita. As Assistant Line Developer for the BATTLETECH game line from 2008 – 2016, I crafted the game universe’s story arcs, campaigns, and product lines. During that time, I also oversaw the BattleTech Turning Points digital campaign line, which published more than 20 different releases. I’ve published 14 short stories set in the BATTLETECH universe.

I’m also the primary author of Games’ Most Wanted, published in July 2013, which takes a relaxed, whimsical look at games and gamer culture in society.

Frequently, I am asked to sit as a judge for various communications and marketing awards, including IAMTW’s Scribes Awards, the American Advertising Federation club awards, and the Serious Play Game Awards. I also do contracted work for various nonprofits, creating marketing campaigns and providing website and other content for their communications plans.

And that’s just my freelance work.

In the daylight, I’m currently the marketing manager for a large nonprofit association in the science/safety sector. I’ve been working for nonprofits in some capacity over the last ten years, all in the Washington, DC area. Some of my roles have included:

  • managing print publications
  • writing/editing online newsletters and magazines
  • website creation, construction, maintenance, and content generation
  • social media marketing strategy and implementation
  • photography and video production
  • in-house journalist

I’m also the recipient of nearly 20 awards, ranging from marketing to writing to game production.

And if that’s not enough, from 2008-2015, I also wrote exhibition, features, transportation, and hockey reviews for WeLoveDC, a site of which I helped co-found and managed as the Editor-at-Large. My topics usually covered various exhibits, programs, and interviews from National Geographic, the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum and  National Museum of the American Indian, the International Spy Museum, and many experts, explorers, photographers, musicians, and other interesting people around the world. I also provided game recaps and team news from the Washington Capitals from 2008 – 2014.

You can find my complete work profile on LinkedIn, including a comprehensive list of my for-print publications, as well as my complete work history from 1989 onwards. My colorful background includes adventures in retail management, radio broadcasting, and other project- and team-oriented experiences.

5 thoughts on “List of Works

  1. I’m sure you’ve been bugged about this enough, but I have never read any clear answers and it has been two years.

    How far into the War of Reaving plot line are you? How involved will you be in it? Are there any tentative release dates?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. I’ve outlined and fleshed out the WoR plot from start to finish. There are no release dates because there are currently no plans to do any product around that plot, other than small mentions and hints in the current plot books.

  3. Currently no plans for a product!?!?! Booo. Man I hope that changes, knowing you it would be an interesting read, even if the result wasn’t what I hoped for.

  4. I have purchased every one of those books except TO and HS:3076, which I’ll order the next chance I get. Well, I don’t plan to get Blake Ascending because it’s essentially a reprint.

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