Training Day

A short(ish?) story for your perusal. (And judgement.) This is set in a new world I’ve been slowly developing. It’s also my first fully completed story within that setting, and I’m offering out to the world for free.

I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like more, let me know in comments. More importantly, please share with others; it may not be a novel, but it can at least help pass a little time during our current COVID-19 crisis and social distancing.

Download the PDF copy. Also available as an EPUB file, if you have a reader.

Training Day short story sci-fi fantasy fiction

Happy reading. And if you’d like more cool, free short stories, visit The Infinite Bard project.

3 thoughts on “Training Day

  1. This is an amazing share! Thanks so much. We’re currently in China, where we’ve endured lockdown for about two months. The Internet (albeit severely censored in the PRC) is the only thing that has kept me from going bananas.

    1. Oh my! Well I’m glad to have provided some modicum of distraction for you. Please stay safe; I’ve heard it’s getting better there while it continues to spiral downward here.

      1. Slowly but surely, things seem to be stabilizing. Fear not, because I don’t really think it will hit western countries as hard as it did this part of the world.

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