What Was Before Is Not What Was to Come


I was cleaning through some of my older project files and stumbled over my Wars of Reaving material. It’s been four years since the Origins Award-winning book was published, and running through the depth of material I’d compiled over several years was nostalgic, in a way.

A glimpse into the WoR archive folder.
A glimpse into the WoR archive folder.

One of the gems I discovered was the second timeline version I’d created back in 2007, before the project was actually green-lit for publication. I’d been keeping data and adding to the timeline ever since 2004.

When you look through it, you’ll notice several stark plot differences between the final publication and my initial direction. I don’t remember what exactly caused me to scrap one of the bigger story arcs. I am a bit surprised at how short I had the War raging, with a wrap-up in 3076. I know later revisions were about how to push that time period farther out, creating a longer, more drawn-out war that resulted in an enormous amount of devastation. The final version also pushed into the death of two Clans that originally were slated to ‘survive’ in a way readers will find reminiscent of the final version of the Imperio.

I’m offering it up to readers to provide a glimpse on just how detailed we get on these projects, especially during our decade of Jihad product. (Keep in mind the final Jihad timeline – 3067 to 3085 – is well over 200 pages.) And if readers/fans want to use it as a basis for their own alternate timeline, feel free.

Just keep in mind that this document is in no way official to the BattleTech line, nor to Catalyst Game Labs. It’s a detailed work that I used as a tool that was eventually modified (mostly whole cloth) at least three more times before the final version was pushed out in 2011.

Hope you enjoy this peak behind the curtain!

War of Reaving 2007 Timeline (DEFUNCT)

2 thoughts on “What Was Before Is Not What Was to Come

  1. Very interesting, nice story development from this beginning to the final storyline.
    I still remember the factchecking sessions as the best (and most stressful) I have participated so far.

  2. Just when I think that The Wars of Reaving can’t get any better, along comes the prototypical Wars of Reaving to make it even more interesting! I wonder if the Triumvirate here was to eventually morph into the Triumvirate hinted at during the Dark Age?

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