Lego Borderlands

Having collected Lego for just about a year now, and having played Borderlands 2 regularly with my co-op partners for about 15 months, it was inevitable I’d mush the two together. So while a Lego Borderlands set/video game isn’t likely, at least I can indulge the fancy from time to time.


Maya the Siren

Toyed a little with the blue stud’s appearance, to simulate Maya’s phaselock/scourge abilities.

Gage the Mechromancer (sans Deathtrap)

Alas, I don’t have enough specialized pieces to make Gage’s Deathtrap robot. Yet.

Zero the Assassin

Zero (from behind, which is usually how we see him since he’s our vanguard).

Axton the Commando (with turret)

Axton, complete with the always-present turret.

Wiping out the bandits


Bad news bandits

Zero and Maya

See the full set on my Flickr page.

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