Faith, Science Fiction, and Gaming (Part 2)


Part 2 of Saving the Game’s podcast, which has me as a guest host, posted over the weekend. (You can catch information on Part 1 in my blog post last week.)

In this concluding segment, I talked about:

  • Transhumanism setting
  • Selective settings for GMs and gamers
  • Star Wars RPG (and an awesome sidebar regarding my college campaign) <<Seriously, if you listen to nothing else, this story is epic. Starts at 13:50.
  • Battlestar Galactica (the new version)
  • Examples of story arcs involving Christian characters in a setting designed for them
  • Christianity and other worlds
  • Dead Space series and the questions it raises
  • What would Christianity look like in the future, and the setting potential therin
  • Words of thanks
  • My thoughts on being a Christian and a gamer in the church

Yes, we do talk about Christianity, but in the context of games and science fiction settings and character. It’s not a “come to Jesus” sermon or forced proselytizing.

I know some of my readers might be instantly turned off because this involves “religion.” All I ask is that you set aside the stereotype that just popped into your head and listen with an open mind. I thank you in advance for that.

If anything can be gained from this, people who enjoy my work with BattleTech or other material I’ve written will (hopefully) come away with a better understanding of how this particular writer’s mind works.

4 thoughts on “Faith, Science Fiction, and Gaming (Part 2)

  1. 4 year, 30 player campaign. So you had a college experience that actually prepared you for life.

    I’m in a play-by-post right now as a Christian troll in a Shadowrun-type setting. That’s a tough environment to stay on the straight and narrow!

  2. Ditto what Grant said, Neko. Shadowrun, much like Eclipse Phase is a setting that’s can to be hard to play a believer in.

  3. Sounds like it truly was an epic Star Wars campaign. I was part of a large DnD group with well-run campaigns, sometimes multiple tables like you describe. And when I had work in the way, I would still sometimes show up to run NPC characters or my old character as an NPC, but on the other side of the DM screens that cordoned off the control side of the table. Great creative fun.

    I have a very religious family (for the most part), many of them were not cool with DnD or any other game because of association. Mom was cool though, and I always defended the game by saying that dark powers were detailed like that so they could come into conflict with players who might one day get the chance to destroy said dark powers. Why else? There are no stats for God, so it must be so. It was hard for a Christian to argue against. I was just fine with it, others would have to be too.

    And these days I still rib my atheist friends about how they are also a belief structure. They meet up, reassure each other that what they believe is true, and take part in mutually enjoyed activities and discussions with each other, all based of faith that there is no need for faith. They are skeptical of that idea (surprise!), but have yet to muster any type of effective argument against it.

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