Faith, Science Fiction, and Gaming (Part 1)


A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a gaming podcast. This one was not your typical game industry interview, however. Saving the Game is a group of gamers who are Christian; their podcasts focus more on how elements of the Christian walk and faith can interact with games and gaming. It’s not a sermon or a slam on gaming; it’s just guys who game who happen to be of similar faith, discussing their gaming hobby.

The interview was the most fun I’ve had on a podcast or discussion about gaming. We ended up with so much material the podcast was broken into two episodes. The first posted this weekend. (You can listen via streaming or mp3 download.)

In this one, I talk about:

  • Games’ Most Wanted, the new book authored by Chris Hussey and myself due in July 2013
  • What an Assistant Line Developer does for BattleTech
  • Science fiction, religion, and faith in various books and stories
  • Shadowrun
  • BattleTech (specifically, House Kurita and ComStar/Word of Blake)
  • Gamemastering and storytelling

Yes, we do talk about Christianity, but in the context of games and science fiction settings and character. It’s not a “come to Jesus” sermon or forced proselytizing.

I know some of my readers might be instantly turned off because this involves “religion.” All I ask is that you set aside the instant stereotype that just popped into your head and listen with an open mind. I thank you in advance for that.

If anything can be gained from this, people who enjoy my work with BattleTech or other material I’ve written will (hopefully) come away with a better understanding of how this particular writer’s mind works.

I hope you enjoy it. Part 2 will post next week.

4 thoughts on “Faith, Science Fiction, and Gaming (Part 1)

  1. That was a really enjoyable discussion and a nice bit of insight. I’ll have to catch more STG podcasts in the future.

  2. Think I’ll give this a listen. I hope you settle once and for all whether D&D is Satanic, or merely demonic.

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