Supplemental (War) Stories

One Really, Really BAD Day...
That will learn me from making product promises…

Fans of BattleTech and those of my most recent book in particular, have been aware that there’s a companion piece “in the works” for a while. Initially, I’d planned on having this e-book done (titled Wars of Reaving: Supplemental) and on the market no later than Thanksgiving of last year.

*checks today’s date*

Um. Yeah.

I’m cautiously optimistic it’ll actually be released sometime in April of this year. Why “cautiously optimistic?” Because as of today, I finally finished all of the writing for it. The material is undergoing a quick review by our crack fact check team and will then go to Ray for his layout genius. How long that takes is highly dependent on how much time Ray can put towards it, considering there are other, larger print projects also on his desk.

Because it took so long is not saying there’s a ton of it in this supplemental publication. Far from it. Most of the page count is record sheets and tables, after all. But there are some gems hidden within, guaranteed.

So why did it take so long?


Honestly, a mix of things – all on my end. For the last few months – up until the last couple of weeks, actually – I was involved in several stressful, constantly behind projects at my full time job. The work was so intensive, so convoluted, and so confusing that by the time I came home, I could barely function during my dedicated freelance time. When I did sit down to write, I had other, higher priority projects that needed my attention. The WOR: Supplemental just got pushed sideways. Repeatedly.

With some changes in the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot more time to dedicate to my freelancing. And I finally picked this up and concentrated on shoving it out the door.

And I think the delay was worth it.

During this interim, I kept jotting down additional ideas about what should be in the Supplemental. Initially, it was only going to be a quick look at the Society and Dark Caste forces, filling in some details that I had to skip in the printed book. Following that, several Random Assignment Tables broken into two periods – 3072 and 3085 – and then all of the record sheets for the ProtoMechs and OmniMechs listed in the book.

As I got to writing, however, my brain hit overdrive. Why not add in ALL the variants for the new equipment? And then add in some special “Z” variants? And why not put in a quick rundown of Strategy and Tactics for the surviving Clans?

Furthermore, as I read my author’s copy of Wars of Reaving (which arrived in December), I found myself pointing out areas where some closure would be good: What’s the history of the Tanis system? What about the new Clan ideologies now at play? What’s the new goals for the Grand Council? Would Stone Lion try to distance themselves from their Horse origins? How would they deal with the aftermath of technology birthed by the Society? And just how devastating was the Reaving War to the Homeworlds?

So…I endeavored to answer them.


Below is the (new) working outline of the Supplemental:

Looking Back

Khans of the Grand Council:
An oft-used adage is one that is trotted out in the aftermath of disaster, noting how those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. While many of our newer blood would prefer to assign those wise words to the tainted people of the Inner Sphere, they cannot. It is an ancient Terran creed—predating even the Star League—and one that has proved correct time and time again.

Even to us, the survivors of the Clans.

Thanks to the diligence of our Watch, this report serves more as a warning than as prediction. Knowing how our enemies from within existed, we can set our sights upon our present and prevent another murderous future. I fear that if there is a next time, none of us will survive.

-Loremaster Julia Danforth
Analysis: The Reavings 30123090



Dark Caste

The Surats
Black Mob

Tanis (3072)


Looking Ahead

My Khan:
As requested, I have compiled our most recent Watch reports from Loremaster Paik and loaded them onto the system. I have attached a summary of each Clan for quick review to prepare you for the upcoming Grand Council meeting. After looking them over myself, the proposed invasion plan you have in mind stands a very good chance of success—as long as we appeal to each Clans’ interest. As Stanislov N’Buta said, “Appease your enemy’s basest instinct and the mind will follow in blood.”

-saKhan Wyatt Talasko
Update report 15123090

Cloud Cobra

Recent Happenings
Beliefs and Practices
Political Realities

Sidebar: Political Boundaries


Recent Happenings
Political Realities

Star Adder

Recent Happenings
Political Realities

Stone Lion

Recent Happenings
Customs and Beliefs
Political Realities

External Threats

Hanseatic League
Escorpión Imperio

Tactics of War

My khans:
What follows is a brief rundown of the Clans’ current war doctrine and strategy. A more detailed report is being compiled for use with our new sibko training programs. This synopsis, with your approval, will be distributed to all warriors of Star Colonel and higher rank to help facilitate intelligent future bidding.

-Loremaster Jackie Ravenwater
Manual of War, Update 31043089

Clan Strategies and Tactics

Cloud Cobra
Star Adder
Stone Lion
Discarded Tools of War
Tools of Blood

Random Assignment Tables – 3072

Random Assignment Tables – 3085

Record Sheets

Centaur Z
Procyon Z
Basilisk 2
Roc Z
Minotaur Z
Hobgoblin 2
Boggart 2
Sprite 2
Sprite 3
Cephalus Prime
Cephalus A
Cephalus B
Cephalus C
Cephalus D
Cephalus E
Cephalus U
Cephalus Z
Mist Lynx Z
Viper Z
Septicemia AZ
Septicemia BZ
Septicemia CZ
Septicemia DZ
Septicemia E
Septicemia F
Septicemia US
Septicemia UW
Septicemia Z
Stormcrow Z
Summoner Z
Timber Wolf Z
Osteon Prime
Osteon A
Osteon B
Osteon C
Osteon D
Osteon E
Osteon F
Osteon G
Osteon U
Osteon Jaguar
Savage Coyote Z
Turkina Z

16 thoughts on “Supplemental (War) Stories

  1. Whoo-hoo!

    Ben, if CGL keeps turning out more than was expected like this, well, I won’t complain about the delays.

    To reiterate: Whoo-hoo!

  2. Good things come to those who wait!

    A question, no RS for the Leviathan Prime?
    Or is this coming in WoR Supplemental II 🙂

  3. Wow, looks like there’s even more than I could have hoped for. I can’t wait for the release. Congrats on the nomination, Ben.

  4. Apparently a loss of a lot of classic designs. I see only 5 of the 15 classic omnimechs.

  5. Holy poop that’s a lot of recordsheets, no wonder it took so long.

    @sebastin.seiml the “Z” variants are a select few with new equipment. I’m guessing there just wasn’t room to make a variant for each of the omnis.

  6. …that’s a lot of variants.

    Looking forward to this one! If it’s half as good as WoR, it’ll be effing fantastic

  7. Wow, really glad I saw this. Disappointed about the lack of a Lev II record sheet, but what can you do.

    1. Eh, I’m holding the Lev Prime RS in reserve; ideally, I want to do a Turning Point or two set during the Reavings period. And that’s where it’ll end up.

      Barring that, it may be a Battlecorps exclusive ship dossier.

  8. The WoR book was awesome and was more love for the homeworlders than we’ve ever seen. The supplement opens the doors for some interesting future story line and has some flat out terrifying Society equipment.

      1. This rumor of my death is merely a Clan Diamond Shark information campaign to get everyone to buy more of their toys.

        Besides you guys wouldn’t write out the only Clan character that wasn’t one dimensional would you? I mean every other clanner seems to run around behaving like some surat Klingon.

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