Quick update, I suppose.

Update 1: I recently had the chance to interview one of the museum curators at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, as well as tour their latest exhibit “A Song for the Horse Nation.” You can find both articles in the links provided. I rather enjoy blending interviews, history, and museum exhibitions together and really enjoyed the process for these.

Update 2: My wife and I just returned from an extended vacation in Paris. Yes, again. It was fabulous, wonderful, exciting, and much needed. I’ll be posting additional journal thoughts and photos here when I have free moments to construct them.

Update 3: I am pulling back into the writing saddle (so to speak) with both BattleTech and my aforementioned nonfiction book project. I have a few new chapters to complete for Potomac Press and I am in the process of submitting two proposals to Herb for additional sourcebooks in 2012. Plus, I have this whole Handbook: House Kurita to outline and write.

Update 4: And, finally – there’s a new MechWarrior game coming out. And I’ll be skipping this, mostly because of this from one of their game blogs:

So remember this, time and experience (the real kind), will always equal greater skill. Greater skill will always equal more rewards. You can’t buy skill, you earn it.

Let’s face it – for me, time is precious. With my commitments to my wife, work, freelancing, and basic life skills, I barely have time to play Wii and Xbox (first generation – not the 360), much less play with my friends. (They’ll vouch for me here – I see them for a HALO or Black Ops party maybe once in 3 months; you can imagine where I usually place on the kill boards and where my rank sits…) And I ditched my desktop PC last year; the main computers in our house are our laptops, and mine is specifically geared to writing and photo editing.

So as much as it might be fun to play, I’ll be avoiding it.

4 thoughts on “Happenings…

  1. Too bad Randall and Herb can’t talk them into giving you guys some kind of master accounts with all the upgrades and mechs and such

    1. Piranha barely acknowledges the BattleTech game and website as it is (despite reciprocal postings of their blogs and links); what makes you think they’d be THAT magnanimous? Besides, it still wouldn’t do me any good, since time isn’t something they can give me…

  2. Spot on. And people wonder why I’m not more active writing…site maintenance and updates take forever. Plus, you know, we have lives. Kudos for not getting sucked in by the hype.

  3. Amen. Persistent-world video games are for guys whose lives haven’t quite come together yet. I have at most 20 minutes a day for futzing around between clearing dinner and starting to get ready for bed. I’m not going to spend it waiting on-line for some chump to maybe show up for a fight.

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