Road to Reaving…Audience Participation!


I’ve still got some more blogs to post on the process of writing The Wars of Reaving, but I wanted to take a pause and give my (apparently 1000+) readers the chance to ask questions. I don’t participate in a lot of Herb’s BattleTech chats, so here’s your opportunity!

In the comments section, post your question. On Wednesday of next week (July 27) I’ll answer as many as I can and post it in “FAQ” style. There are a couple of caveats, however…

  1. DON’T ask when the book is being released.
  2. DON’T ask what Clans are destroyed.
  3. DON’T ask what the airspeed of a coconut-laden swallow is.

I invite all other questions that pertain to this book, the Clans, their future (within reason), the creative process, and writing for the BattleTech line. Does it mean I’ll answer every single one? No, because I have to have a few secrets (and then there’s that whole NDA thing). But I do want to give you guys the chance to ask about anything regarding the project.

So – got a burning question? Post it below!

37 thoughts on “Road to Reaving…Audience Participation!

  1. Whenever the Record Sheets for the book are(if) released will it just have RS for the new units in the book or will it have new variants for already existing units.

  2. What are the names of the new OmniMechs?
    And probably asking for too much: which clans designed said OmniMechs?

  3. Does the Word of Blake have a hand in anything that goes on in the Cluster/Pentagon?

    Are the Genecaste at all real?

    Will the logo found in the one D.A. novel be revealed to be true, or is it a red herring?

  4. Did the One Star Faith or the Believers of the Saints Cameron participate in the Diet of Babylon? Did either make inroads into the homeworlds?

  5. Do we find out what happens to Adder Upsilon on their expedition to the IS?
    Are the Tanites as scary awesome as we over sepculate?
    Do the Blood Spirit civilians become a ravenous zombie horde?

  6. After the wars of reaving will a culture develope amoung the surviving clans of isolation from the inner sphere and IS based clans or will a new crusader culture develope.

  7. Can you give an idea of the repercussions of WoR on the universe between Jihad and Dark Age (big brush view obviously 😉 )?

    Should we expect any complementary PDF supplements?

    In your opinion, what’s the most exciting thing about WoR (that you can talk about 🙂 ) and why?

  8. Given the writing of the story has there been a great picture (as final results of the WoR) you had to follow or were you free to do/create anything you wanted?
    Given the (probably) true ToC you posted which chapter is your favourite/you are especially proud about?

  9. within the context of the book, what is the incident you wrote that spelled out “S**T JUST GOT REAL” to the clans as a whole

    does this book detail the decision for Clan Diamond Shark to revert to using the Sea Fox as their Totem?

  10. What was the single most difficult section/chapter to write for you? Why?Without giving any spoilers away, obviously. A chapter number/general section description is really all I was wondering about.

  11. Hello. I would like to thank you for writing WoR. I am a Snow Raven fan and have wondered about the ‘move’ the the OA. I have two simple questions. 1 Do we get to kick Steel vipers for they attack on Lum? 2 Do we get to kick the Dc for their destruction of the White Cloud? A simple yes or will be good. I can wait for details. If you can’t or won’t answer. That’s o.k, I also understand that these are ‘minor’ in the grand scheme of things, however I would love to see vengeance for these two slights. Thank you again.

  12. Will the rumor “new” warship mentioned in the early Jihad Hot Spots books that alleglly belonged to the Steel Vipers be highlighted?

  13. How *many* clans are destroyed?

    Do the homeworld clans become more radical and withdrawn from any other human contact, a la Blood Spirits, or do the wars result in a less fanatical mindset due to the amount of destruction? This obviously has implications with regards to, among other things, trueborn versus freeborn philosophies (some Homeworld Clans not admitting any freebirth warriors into their Toumans versus the practice of most of the Invasion era Clans allowing freebirth participation and even rank within their Toumans).

    To put it another way, do the wars result in an intensifying of Clan culture, or a move away from perspectives and habits that may have led up to the wars?

  14. Is this a Victor Hugo-style sweeping historical novel disguised as a sourcebook? Because I’m OK with that.

  15. With a book of this scope, covering over a dozen factions, where many unintended continuity errors are always a danger, how do you, as the author organise your materials to avoid this? You mentioned working off Oystein’s stuff, but did you build your own additional system, or try to work from the master notes he had?

    Also, thanks in advance, this looks awesome.

    Blacknova (using his fiance’s login)

  16. Now we have the WOR coming out what happens after to the clans. Will we see new some tech manuals from the rebuild or source books. If the WOR was the clan jihad. A lot would have been destroyed. So new omni mechs, dropships, jumpships and warship construction could happen. Think of all them new books a new golden age of building. What did you think ?


  17. According to the novels and “clickytech” products there are several new “mini-factions” on the Dark Age that appear to have origins on the Clans (lots of wolves)… do any of these “mini-factions” originate from the Clans involved in the WoR or their origins are exclusively from the IS clans? Is there any reference in the WoR book for any of these new/renamed “mini-factions”?

  18. How much freedom were you given to determine the endpoint of WoR – was end result already dictated and you got to choose how to get there or was the end result something you chose, a bit of both, or the end result decided in consultation with Randall and Herb (and Herb’s cats)

  19. Do any refugees from the home clans come to the inner sphere and settle with either the nova cats or wolf-in-exile clans

  20. What was the single “coolest” (in your opinion) idea that had to be cut, for whatever reason? However thought out and written or just off-the-cuff idea it was.

  21. Do you literally piss excellence? And does being a Penguins fan help keep you grounded as a human being?

    Honestly, I only wonder how many fan/joyboys do you think are going to internally combust because of your book? No, “hopefully none” is not an acceptable answer.

    Thank you.

  22. Will we get a full rundown/list of the clan TOE’s post WoR? For some reason I am not feeling very confident my CHH Zeta Galaxy is going to make it. Please prove me wrong!

  23. Are protomechs widely deployed in the clan homeworlds? Outside of the Blood Spirits?

    What goes into deciding which clans survive and which ones don’t? Did those lists change many times?

  24. Does the wars of reaving have anything to do with the armies the scientist caste was raising? Also, Do the un-nammed (wolverines) clan have anything to do with the WoR?

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