WOR – Progress

Sketch of Garret Sainze, ilKhan.

So progress continues apace on the Wars of Reaving Sourcebook. Yes, it’s coming. And due to some…schedule juggling, I’ll call it…it’ll be out a lot sooner than hinted at a few months ago. Thought I’d share some more from the book here. Whether it’s actually from the book, cuttings from the floor, or outright fabrication is, of course, up to the interpretation of the reader.

By and large, however, I’m very pleased with how it’s come along. And about ready to throw it out the window. Ahh, the life of a BattleTech writer…

Some OmniMech debuting in the Wars. I think. Sketch by David White.

First tease!

[Khan Marthe Pryde] As such, I motion that the members of this body forswear any further contact with our wayward kin in the Homeworlds.

[Loremaster Laurie Tseng] The motion is on the floor. Second?

[Khan Lynn McKenna] So seconded.

[Tseng] All present should now vote whether the Council of Six must avoid communications with those Clans not represented here. Those voting for the measure, raise your hand. [pause] Record shows nine for the motion. Those opposed, raise your hand. [pause] Record shows two against. There is one abstention. The motion is thus resolved. No Clan khan of this Council will initiate communications with a Clan not on this governing body.

[saKhan Alan Hawker] Clarification, please. Abjured Clans are also considered under this mandate?

[Pryde] [laughs] They are not Clan, Shark. Always thinking of the profit line. Typical.

[saKhan Ragnar Magnusson] To put it more simply, the Nova Cats and Exiles are not Clan in name, just in culture. They are too far gone down the Spheroid path—

[saKhan Samantha Clees] [snorts] Look who is speaking, quiaff?

[Khan Vlad Ward] We will move on. It is such wielding of slow wit that sapped the Grand Council of its power and reduced it to sibko bickering.

[Tseng] I will remind Khan Ward that it is my duty to move discussion forward.

[Khan Aletha Kabrinksi] Always the righteous voice of indignation, Ward. Spare us your pontifications. But I do agree; let us move on to actual business.

[Tseng] Very well.

Chapter intro art. Who? Where? What? Doesn't matter, this prelim sketch is just rockin'.

Next tease!

In the most simplest of examples, suppose Clan Floppy Rabbit‘s Mine Facility X on Babylon is tapped out of unobtainium, a key component in the manufacture of Widget A. The Clan uses large amounts of Widget A in making its “Doom Penguin” OmniMech. The Clan’s merchant caste is notified and faces two choices: slow down the manufacture of Widget A until a new ore line can be located and tapped, or trial another Clan for their supply (or mine) of unobtainium so that production can be maintained. The merchants weigh the cost/benefit ratios and decide that the Clan must acquire another Clan’s supply. One star system over, Clan Mousebat has a mining facility that produces both unobtainium and unbelievium. The warrior caste is notified, a Trial of Possession is issued, and the Rabbits win against the defending Mousebats. The Rabbits can maintain their production of Widget A and now has an excess of unbelievium which it can either use for trade for other necessary materials—possibly food shipments, to provide for the new enclave recently won—or shut down until it is needed. Clan Mousebat, meanwhile, now finds itself out of two ore facilities, and must go through its own process to determine what the Clan needs to rectify the situation.

Final tease!

In January 3081, Clan Wolf struck again. Their target was Kirchbach, Liezen, and Bruben—three worlds that the Horses had been using as staging worlds for their own delayed assault into Wolf territory. The Wolves dropped both Gamma and Kappa Galaxy on Kirchbach and split Beta Galaxy between Liezen and Bruben.

Kirchbach became an immediate bloodbath. The Wolves came in declaring a Trial of Possession for the planet; the Horses refused safcon and declared they would defend with all Clan forces in the system. Confident they were only facing Delta Galaxy, the Wolves accepted the bid in arrogance and pressed the attack. The CWS Rogue was hammered by the CHH Stampede (formerly the CIH Pack Leader) and the Bucephalus as the Wolf flotilla pushed to the planet. Nearly half of Kappa died as their DropShips were broken apart on their approach.

The Wolves managed to land near the Opal Canyon with Gamma Galaxy establishing a strong defensive position, their backs to the sheer cliffs of the volcanic canyon network. Kappa Galaxy, strung out across several hundred kilometers, rallied near the city of Kircher.

The Horses quickly moved Beta Galaxy from their staging area near New Kiel and engaged the Wolves at Opal Canyon. The Ninety-ninth Mechanized Cavalry exacted a measure of revenge by slipping into the Wolf rear area, using the canyon as cover. The sudden appearance of Horse vehicles, battle armor, and fast OmniMechs bursting from the seemingly impenetrable canyon overwhelmed the Nova assigned as rear guard and Gamma was hard pressed to fight off two fronts of Horses. Smartly, Galaxy Commander Cathleen Jorgensson surrendered before she lost most of the Galaxy.

Until next time….

One thought on “WOR – Progress

  1. ““Doom Penguin” OmniMech” — You realize that I’m going to be disappointed if this isn’t actually in the sourcebook? Doom Penguin? Maybe piloted by Star Captain Lemieux?

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