WOR – Now I’m Just Teasing….?


But can you blame me for having fun? This is one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on. And I’m happy most of the factcheckers have been pleased as well. So far, anyway. Wait’ll they get some other sections; I’m sure the invective will fly at that point.

So…I’m going to post more stuff. The question you have to ask yourself is…am I posting real bits, or crazy fantasy designed to mess with heads? I know the answer. Do you?

During the Cobra’s press on the Ravens, Khan Din Steiner and Loremaster Aldrich Spaatz discussed with Diamond Shark saKhan Labov the possibility of future resource transfers. Because of opportunities being discovered in the Inner Sphere, the Sharks were concerned they were being stretched too thin in the Homeworlds, increasing the likelihood of attacks by smaller Clans. The Sharks were looking to transfer some of their holdings in the Kerensky Cluster to these Clans, rather than suffer needless loss of resources defending them. Nothing was set in stone, however, as saKhan Labov declined to agree to terms until current plans in the Inner Sphere could be resolved.

After the May 3070 Grand Council meeting and the Raven’s revelation of the Shark’s secret dealings, the Clan found themselves a political target. The Cobras, seeing opportunity to gain territory for future bargaining with their allies, looked for opportunities to capitalize on the Sharks misfortune. Beta Galaxy Commander Wainani N’Buta learned of the transfer of several large Diamond Shark resource convoys headed to the Inner Sphere. Acting upon his own initiative, N’Buta intercepted and trialed for the convoy, losing the Trump to a massed squadron attack. Despite the loss, the Cobras managed to win the Trial of Possession and gained a wealth of lower castemen, building materials, and military supplies from the Sharks. All of the convoy’s contents indicated the Sharks were looking to move en masse from the Homeworlds, a fact that the Cobras promptly shared with their allies, the Steel Vipers and the Star Adders. The incident significantly cooled relations between the Sharks and Cobras, denying the Clan a peaceful transfer of Shark holdings. It was a situation the Cobra khans were comfortable with.

By the beginning of 3071, the Cobras were on the rise, flush with resources and a burgeoning touman. Both Khan Steiner and saKhan Kardaan were ready to take advantage of the continuing exodus of the Ravens and Sharks and move into their own as a political power.

—Clan Star Adder Star Colonel Brenton Lahiri; Watch briefing 070474


To: Watch Star Captain Russell

Re: Clan Ice Hellion sightings in the Deep Periphery

As per your request, we have sifted through several of our intelligence channels (such as they are) in running down the location of the last Trinary of the Third Hector Cavaliers. The unit, under the command of Star Colonel Olivia, was last reported on Nouveaux Paris near the end of 3072.

From what we can gather, we have noted that neither the Star Adder nor Hell’s Horses accounts of the actions taken there against a group of raiders mention the Cavaliers. We can only assume the unit attempted to return to Clan space on its own but never made it. Up until recently, we had written the unit off as missing in action.

During saKhan Rood’s mission to the worlds of the Nueva Castile, a small piece of information came to us by chance. One of the captured Castilian commanders mentioned in passing what they referred to as the “Lizard Clan” mercenary unit operating somewhere near San Mateo. The Castilian immediately recognized the Ice Hellion logo still visible on some of our unit uniforms. (We had not had proper time to acquire the appropriate gear, though that situation is now rectified.)

It is very possible that our wayward Cavaliers have lowered themselves to the level of barbarous money soldiers. If we do encounter them, I am not sure we can treat them with any honor or accept them back into the fold. That is, of course, a question for our leaders to answer; I am simply providing the information for them to be properly informed.

-Clan Goliath Scorpion Watch Warrior Marc; Summary Report, Personal 19033075


In January 3073, Clan Steel Viper called for nominations for their vacated saKhan position. While several of the more prominent warriors in the Clan stepped up, it was no small surprise that Boyle Grimani not only entered the contest but also won the Clan’s vote.

Because of the situation the Clan was in, the Viper Clan Council determined that the saKhan trial be conducted differently than in the past. The candidates stripped down to simple bodysuits and gathered into the middle of the Council chamber, where they fought in a mass melee. The last one standing would be named saKhan.

Grimani, who had won the Bloodname vacated in 3070 after the death of Star Colonel Robert Grimani and his Fifty-seventh Striker Cluster, was no stranger to adversity. A smaller-than-normal Elemental, Grimani had fought with little distinction with Beta Galaxy over the last year, earning little glory but apparently much battle acumen.

The melee of twelve candidates lasted less than half an hour. At the end of it, Grimani was not only the literal last warrior standing, he had managed to take down four separate contestants (with two deaths), including two Elementals. That he did so without uttering a sound the entire contest was notable.

Grimani’s victory was ratified by a unanimous Clan Council.

Only 20 years of age, he was one of the youngest khans in Steel Viper history. It took very little time for the Khan to catch up the newly minted saKhan to the Clan’s situation and short-term plans. It is of some remark that the Viper’s strategy through the first half of 3073 was largely Grimani’s strategy. That it was completely successful spoke well of the new khan’s keen tactical mind and the Clan seemed to be in good hands headed into the future.

If only the future would have warned us.

-Clan Steel Viper Loremaster Arthur Stoklas; Personal Notations, 03073074

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