My Latest Project: War of Reaving

As many have surmised by now, I’m hip-deep into my latest Catalyst project, the War of Reaving Sourcebook. It’s been several years in coming and I’m quite thrilled Herb and Randall (and CGL) have given me the entire kit-n-kaboodle to write. As you can see above, the cover is in its prefinal stages and though it’s a different direction than usual, I actually have grown to like it.

Here’s the back cover copy:

As the Jihad raged, one enemy of the Inner Sphere remained in the shadows, riven by internal strife and dissent. As political and military alliances among the Clans are torn asunder, one Clan unleashes the unthinkable amid the Homeworlds. The result is a war that reaches deep into the bloodlines of every Clan: none are immune. Those who survive will not speak of it. It is a war that may alter everything.

It is a War of Reaving. The Clans will never be the same again.

The War of Reaving Sourcebook details the long-sought happenings of the Clans after the results of the Great Refusal through the end of the Jihad, compiled from detailed reports culled from each of the distant Clans and beyond. Included are sections on each Clan’s struggle for survival, the personalities of the era, new rules for weapons, units, and factions that surface, and an in-depth campaign so players can immerse themselves within the conflagration.

Publication is slated for Summer 2012, just in time for GenCon.

After the jump, a partial breakdown of the current TOC.

To Stand Alone (opening fiction)

Introduction/How to Use This Book

Ripples (3061 – 3067)

The Diets
Wars of Possession
Calamity Beneath the Waves

Rage (3068 – 3071)

Refuting Refusals
The ilKhan Cometh
Ejecting the Tainted
Gutting the Raven
Spearing the Shark

Wrath (3072 – 3073)

The Reaving
The Rise of the Genecaste
The Hooded Alliance
Sacrifice of the Few

Shattering (3074 – 3078)

Absorbing the Scorpions
The Spirit Fades
Constriction and Consumption
Following the Taint
The Curse Begins

Rebirth and Renewal (3079 – 3095)

Wall of Stone
To the Mandrill Goes the Spoils
Horse and Wolf

The Current Era (3096)

Blood Cobras
Star Adders
Fire Mandrill
Ice Scorpion
Tanite Union
Jade Falcon
Ghost Bear Dominion
Hell’s Horses
Snow Raven Alliance
Diamond Shark
Tainted Ones

The New Caste System


New Equipment (aerofighter, WarShip, BattleMech, ProtoMech)
New ATOW skills, equipment
Creatures (Zalman hyperworm, Arcadian cave spider, Circian blood monkey, Hector rock tiger)
New Faction Rules (ATOW)
New units (Allele, Axon, Oncogene, Telomere)


6 Mission-style tracks
12 Touchpoint-style tracks

Record Sheets & Tables

Allele Prime, A-C
Axon Prime, A-F
Oncogene Prime, A-B
Telomere Prime
Prinz Eugen (refit)
McKenna’s Pride (refit)
Ancestral Home (refit)

Total page count: 212

Retail price: TBD

12 thoughts on “My Latest Project: War of Reaving

  1. While interesting, and I trust that our illustrious Lord of the Reaving is above
    a complete fabrication here, I do have to wonder how much is actually there, and how much is diversion, misdirection, or just plain “creative truths.”
    Especially as Herb has stated this was the last of the two Jihad Era products,
    which are both supposed to be out this year, as next year is supposed to be getting into the Dark Age, with some stuff covering the time inbetween 3140
    and 3081(from chats and reports from last years “What’s up with Battletech” seminar at GenCon)

  2. Hmm, I think there are 50 percent truth and 50 percent “Maskirovka” included.
    Nevertheless,quite interesting.

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