And My Comment Is…

Heed the Warning

No comment.

Okay, well maybe a small one. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Some background here – this is my primary freelance client, of which I am an assistant line developer for one of their game licenses.)

Regarding the actual events, I won’t comment. The official press release from Randall pretty much says it all, and I’m not going to add anything to it. Partly because it’s really nobody’s business outside of Catalyst Game Labs (CGL) and affected contractors, and partly because the internet is horrible at rumormongering. I won’t add to it.

I do want to state here that I will especially miss working with Adam Jury. The man’s a genius with game design, layout, and concepts – never mind his industry knowledge – and I hope our paths cross again in the future. (Even if it’s during one of his visits to the DC area.)

I’m greatly saddened by the actions of several freelance contractors who thought it fit to break one of the first clauses of their Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) they *willingly signed* with CGL and go public with rumors, speculation, and all-around unprofessional behavior. From where I sit, it’s virtual career suicide.

Not exactly an option I would consider, but to each their own.

3 thoughts on “And My Comment Is…

  1. My commentary overall would be less… my internet has been dead for weeks and the company firewall won’t let me see anything related to the news. I had a friend in Denver contact me via phone asking me if I heard anything.

  2. I wrote for FASA, and maybe it was an oversight on their part, but I never had to sign an NDA, though now days I guess that is the norm. It was a bit like the Old Wild West back in the days when i wrote for FASA.

    1. Well, FASA’s “fast-and-loose” style proved to be detrimental to the business. Witness the ELH “lawsuit”, the whole Harmony Gold issue, FASA Interactive and Microsoft, etc.

      NDAs are pretty much standard in the industry today; I’ve turned down freelance requests before because I was not given one to sign. It’s a legal protection that is necessary in today’s ‘instant communication’ world, and one that I happily endorse.

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