NatGeo: Terra Cotta Warriors Invade! (Preview)


I was invited last week to a special local blogger/photographer pre-public event at the National Geographic Society, celebrating the visit of the extremely rare-outside-China terra cotta warriors. DC was the last stop on a four-city tour; they had 15 of the figures on display along with roughly 100 total pieces.

We only had an hour to visit, so I spent 59 minutes shooting the two galleries. (That one lone minute was for light-testing and a lens swap-out.) Though I shot nearly 150 photos, I ended up with about 95 worth anything. Shooting without flash is difficult indoors, especially in a soft-lit exhibit space. Still, I think I did decently well.

You can see the photos in my Flickr gallery. I’ll post a smattering here, after the jump.









Though the exhibit costs $12 to visit, it’s more than worth the cost, IMNHSO. It’s only in town until the end of March of 2010. Go before the tourists come in mid- to late December, or visit after the year turns. You will not be disappointed in the least. I plan on going back to linger and learn; the exhibit was superbly set up and very easy to navigate and appreciate.

For other bloggers’ takes on the evening, check out the TCW blog site, where numerous bloggers who covered the event are being showcased, along with links to the TCW and various photographer Flickr galleries.

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