A Time of War, in Beta

Origins Diorama 065

If you’ve not heard the news by now, Catalyst Game Labs has released for a limited time, their new core rulebook for the BattleTech RPG in a “beta release.” For $10, you can download the PDF, go hunting for errors, submit a ‘story seed,’ and then get the free, full upgrade when the final version is cycled.

It’s a similar move to what Paizo did with their Pathfinder RPG a while back.

Oh, and as usual, the core book has short fiction interspersed with the chapters, but with a twist from the other books: all of the fiction stories tie together as a recon squad heads out on a scout mission. The overall story and characters were sketched by yours truly, as well as writing the head- and capstone stories. The in-between action was picked up by several other capable BT writers, including Kevin K., Jason Hardy, Steve Mohan (I love his the best) and Jim Rapkins. It’s a great read, if I do say so myself.

So go, buy, scour, report, and enjoy.

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