It’s My Right – Not Your “Requirement”

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A gathering of LOONS…
(‘Americaâ��s Affordable Health Choices Act’ courtesy of ‘Speaker Pelosi’)

Dunno if anyone caught this in the stories being posted today about the House Democrats’ plan to force national health care on us. What irritated me most is the lead-in from the article in today’s Examiner (print edition, p. 14). “House Democrats on Tuesday rolled out an ambitious $1.5 trillion plan that for the first time would make health care a right and a responsibility for all Americans, with medical providers, employers and the wealthiest picking up most of the tab.”

Ok, so far okay. I don’t agree, but that’s personal.

Then this:

Individuals who did not purchase insurance by 2013 would face a penalty of 2.5 percent of their income, and employers that did not provide coverage to their workers would be fined as much as 8 percent of their payroll, a provision the CBO estimates would generate $30 billion a year.” (WaPo, 7-15-09)

Wait, WHAT?

So let me get this straight. Under this plan, if I choose to not exercise my “right” to have health coverage, the government is going to FINE ME? EXCUSE ME? (I don’t have coverage now, even though I have it available to me. I just choose not to have it.)

This is insane. Especially when you look at how insidious this is when concerning our ‘rights.’

Most importantly, the Constitution and our Bill of Rights – you know, the two founding documents that delineates our rights as US Citizens – DOES NOT SAY we have a right to complete health coverage.

And fining me for choosing to not exercise that right? What’s next, fining people for not voting?

Kill this plan. KILL IT NOW. (And yes, I already called my Congresspeople.)

I swear the people inhabiting that domed building sixteen blocks from me are complete and utter nutballs.

16 thoughts on “It’s My Right – Not Your “Requirement”

  1. Yes, this is an example of Bad Compromise. I support a national health care plan, but this is just shoring up the decrepit insurance companies. First car insurance, then medical, what next? If it’s mandatory, it should be government run or regulated, as insruance companies can be trusted as far as I can throw the MetLife building.

    California insurance premiums went up 300% when mandatory coverage took effect, because no one had the forthought to regulate an industry that’s been historically full of snake-oil salesmen.

  2. The exact same thing set me into a rage this morning when I read this, Ben. Glad to know there are some other reasoning folks out there who feel the same way. 🙂 Here’s the problem, though: with Franken being given that 60th seat, the Democrats can push it through without a strong filibuster. And it won’t take much to get cloture now.

    I consider this the same problem with making it a requirement to get auto insurance. There is no ceiling on the providers. All this plan is going to do is make the insurance companies the new czars, to a degree even further beyond their present status above us.

    Why not renew Kennedy’s push for Americans to live healthier? Or am I the only one who realizes that guaranteed care does not equal guaranteed health?

    Things that might be morally ambiguous now will almost assuredly become compulsory, like organ donations and abortion, if only that this plan will cover them for the people who seek them, which means that we will all be paying for it. Addiction-related illnesses from things like smoking and drinking will now become the burden of everyone instead of only those who self-inflict the diseases. Prescription medications will not become more affordable, and it might become compulsory for people to administer certain prescribed medications just as it is proposed to become compulsory for people to obtain this coverage.

    God forbid you actually find yourself in good health, as this is just another tax being piled on top of us. Call it by any name you like, but enforcing it as a penalty clinches that status. Why bother being in good health anymore, as you’ll just be paying for nothing? What’s the motivation to eat better or exercise when you’ll simply be wasting your money otherwise? Makes better financial sense to buy the cheap crap and get diabetes and congestive heart failure and liver failure and let the government foot the bill they are forcing us to pay.

    What do you want to bet, though, that even with this enforced coverage, you still cannot afford the hospital bills?

  3. Erph….this is horrible. I have insurance through my work, and I could see fining the the companies that are too cheap to provide health insurance options for all of their employees. The only reason I have health insurance, though, is because of a Clinton era law forbidding insurance companies to deny based on pre-existing conditions. I was born with an IGA Deficiency and Epilepsy, developed Asthma as a result of 14 bouts of Pneumonia in one year when I was like 3 or 4, and it was not until I got my current job that I could get and afford health insurance.

    However, taxing the people for not having health insurance? I have a friend out in Oregon who can barely pay for her rent and utilities, and is working 3 jobs. Luckily, she qualifies for state medical assistance, but would that count? Or would she be fined for not being under a health insurance company? The answer, I see, is “whichever will make the government the most money.”

    Me, personally? I think Doctors should be exclusively in the military. Why? Because the job of the military is to defend the People from threats, foreign and domestic.
    With all doctors and medical professionals being in the military, they will have a set salary, so no “I am going to become a doctor to get rich”, instead, “I am going to become a doctor because I wish to defend the health of the American People.” If all hospitals are military run institutions, then they will be forbidden to make a profit, and, thus, will be run lean and mean, and charge only what is needed for the patients in them. My dad is a Vietnam Vet, Navy Sea-Bee, in fact, and he goes to the VA hospitals in Pensacola, Florida, and Gulfport, Mississippi for alot of things, because it is cheaper, and he gets better care then at the “for Profit” hospitals and doctor’s offices around where I live. There..the perfect solution…

    1. That’s one of THE dumbest things I’ve ever read, seriously. But, hey, a person’s entitled to an opinion and all that…blah, blah, blah

  4. So, how would YOU fix it, keeping in mind that the reason the health care system is so messed up right now is because Doctors, hospitals, and even testing centers are all run “For Profit”, and, thus charge you like 20 dollars for a regular tylenol? Socialized medicine is not the answer, since even there, the wealthy can afford to seek better treatment. I looked at a method that would not create a new government agency, and would not empower a small group of people to charge extortionate prices.

    It would also stop the “Well, I lost my license in this state, so I will go to this other state, and get a new license.” How do you like knowing that the doctor who is treating you right now might have lost his or her license in three states? Because of this, doctors have to have huge mal-practice insurance, which, of course, jacks up the amounts they are charging, since they have to pay for their malpractice insurance, their rent, conferences they have to go to, and their expensive cars and huge house, their vacation home, their boats…..

    1. Perhaps one idea would be to deep-six this so-called “plan”, then require that all doctors be federally licensed (as well as by the states) in order to legally practice. Lose one – you lose them all. Have fun finding a new career.

    2. You don’t want a huge government agency in charge so your answer is to let the military run things, huh. Like I said, it’s the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time. Why don’t we let them run everything then, surely they can straighten out all our problems. Everybody is in it “for profit” guy, why else does anybody do anything in life? The people you need to go after are entities like the pharmaceutical companies and ambulance chasing lawyers who drive up the cost of medical care with price gouging and frivolous lawsuits.

      By the way, my father and uncle are veterans and I couldn’t force them to go to the VA with a loaded gun pointed at their head.

  5. Ben, I’m surprised at you. Don’t you know that there are illegal immigrants who need dental work? Now shut up and take out your wallet.

    1. Neko, I was born here and I need dental work. Nobody is paying for it but me. So Ben, go ahead and put your wallet back in your pocket before the G-man takes your last dollar in “fines”.

  6. This is completely and totally different then paying taxes to fund schools, when you don’t have any kids. Not anything like it, nope.

    1. The difference here is that paying for schools with my tax dollars is not touted as a ‘right.’ AND you only pay for schools with property taxes, which affects only homeowners. Don’t want to pay for education in your area? Don’t own a home. Renters aren’t forced to pay education “penalties.”

      The proposed health care is either I pay, or I pay. I have no choice for this supposed “right” to national healthcare. And that, dear quiggy, is the difference.

    2. Sounds like a bit of a cop out, Ben.

      Rent costs, as much as they seem like it sometimes, aren’t magical numbers discerned by listening to the whispers of butterflies. They already include the property tax. If a landlord chooses not to hand someone an item by item receipt of where their rent money is going, it doesn’t mean that property taxes aren’t figured into the bill. I’d also hope that some state out there chooses not to link property tax to the hostage-holding Board of Education’s coffers, but that’s neither here nor there.

      No one likes tax increases. Ever. This is a strangely labeled tax increase, and instead of going directly to politicians pockets, it’s going to CEO’s pockets, but we get the nifty byproduct of cheaply available health care. You can complain all you want about the taxes being increased, and how such plans turn the country more socialist, and I’ll be right there next to you. However, It’s still one of the better uses of tax money in the last 3 decades.

    3. Yes, I’m aware rent isn’t a “magical number.” I’ve rented, been a landlord AND a property owner. School taxes vary county by county, state by state – it’s not some blanket number that affects everyone’s paycheck. School taxes are adjustable by city, county and even in some cases, school board committee.

      Is this plan? No. Not by any accounting I’ve seen.

      Bottom line is, there’s no proof this is going to make things ‘cheaper’ – even Obama couldn’t give solid examples during his telecommercial how it’ll save families money, not even with a supposed time frame (gee, that’s just like this last stimulus bill…which has seen increasing unemployment beyond what the Obama administration predicted…). AND it’s being forced down our throats on the basis of some nebulous “right” that I haven’t seen in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

      It’s a pile of steaming horse-hockey and Pelosi’s dreaming rainbow dreams coming from bulls’ butts if she thinks the American people will go for it.

  7. My issue with “The Plan” is the requirement of all employers to supply medical insurance. My work has around 12 people. A while back, one of our employees died of non-hodgkins lymphoma after two years of unsuccessful treatments (wich my boss paid for, out of pocket). Since his passing, my boss has had insurance companies court us for their buisness. The best rate so far? Over $3000.00 per person per month. So now if this plan goes through and my boss is forced to buy insurance for us, will the rates be astronomical? Bet on it. Oh and also, my boss has had back surgery and a medically induced heart attack caused by the wrong dosage of meds given to him by a pharmacy, and my dad, who works with me, has had a heart attack.

    If the rates these crooks who call themselve health insurance “providers” are not regulated (which I’m sure they won’t be, thanks to the lobyists), the only choise my boss will have will be to shut his company down because he will not be able to afford insurance.

    So how does this help me? I’m allready insured. My boss reimburses my for a portion of it. If “The Plan” forces me to lose my job, how will I afford insurance then?

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