Welcome Back Lord Stanley!!!!!

Cup Banners at the Igloo, by Robert a.k.a. Bob
Cup Banners at the Igloo, by Robert a.k.a. Bob

Detroit vs Pittsburgh.

Game 7. All the marbles.

They said it couldn’t be done, the statistics were against them. The Wings, too dominant at home.

Fleury, too fluky.

Osgood, too good.

At 10:43 pm today, ‘they’ were proven wrong.

Penguins win, 2-1.


Congrats, boys. Take a bow. You’ve freakin’ EARNED IT!!!!

Excuse me while I go cry now….

6 thoughts on “Welcome Back Lord Stanley!!!!!

  1. I missed the first goal because I was late getting back to the TV. But it was a pleasant change of pace from football. Who knew there were still sports in which the players and not the referees decide the outcome?

  2. In 2009 Gary Bettman awarded the Pittsburgh Penguins the Stanley Cup.

    After game 7, he also gave it to them.

  3. Ahhhh, dear quigs, I was wondering when you’d start your conspiracy crap. If what you say is true (it’s not), that gives Bettman waaaay too much credit for being smart enough to orchestrate such a league-wide conspiracy. And it would also mean your Flyers were part-and-parcel to it, especially in tanking spectacularly in Game 6 and letting 5 unanswered goals in after holding a 3 goal lead.

    Get over it.

  4. It’s rather hard to play defense against a team you’re not allowed to touch.

    Still, grats on the win Ben.

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