Storm Warning

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‘On The Ice’ courtesy of ‘brookeBAMF’

I really, really wanted to do up a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals between the sixth seed Carolina Hurricanes and those pesky upstart fourth-seeded Penguins. Especially since Game 1 opens tonight at the Igloo.

Alas, I don’t have the time.

I realize many people don’t know the extent of how stretched I am, so here it all is in a nutshell. I hope to expand on this in the coming days as I have time.

1.) Working on corralling 3 different projects for CGL’s BattleTech line, learning how to do the ‘development’ thing on the fly. It’s not easy. As such, Turning Points: Sian is on ‘hold,’ but the good news is it’s on the last turn anyway, so once the logjam is cleared it’ll be quick to cross the finish line.

2.) Working on an outline for one, and possibly two, books that look at the gaming industry – electronic and other. I was approached by an editor for this by the recommendation from a former co-worker; it’s still a nebulous project in the works but I should have something solid by the end of the week.

3.) Job hunting. Still. Few nibbles, but I’m still optimistic. I’m just now getting rejection notices from jobs I applied to back in March, which confirms that many HR departments are just overloaded at the moment.

4.) DC blogging. But I’ve got to tone down my pace here, as it’s non-paying work and taking up some valuable time at the moment. (See no’s. 1&2.)

5.) Visitations. And no, not from outer space. We’ve had many friends and some family visiting us for various reasons, which is awesome.

Oh, and Penguins hockey.

Anyway, just a large jumble of stuff going on. Best way at the moment to get ahold of me is either email or phone, for those of you special enough to have such access points. All others? Well, I’ll be back soon enough. 🙂

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, here’s a quick summary of the Canes/Pens series: Canes are lesser opponent than Philly and Caps. Pens in six, including a 3-1 lead that they blow in Game 5 and let the Canes win before shutting them down in Game 6. And at least one overtime game. Hey, I’ve been (mostly) right so far…

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