Update? Never

Peaceful Repose

Post something regarding BattleTech, see site hits blow through the roof. Post on something OTHER than that universe? Tank city, baby.

It’s okay, it only confirms what I’ve known since birth: the goings-on in my life are pretty unimportant to everyone else. The internet LIES! It said if we blogged about all our inanity, we’d be famous?! LIES!

Yes, my sarcasm meter is on “medium-high” at the moment. Forgive me. I’ve been trapped the last four days writing and re-writing a campaign arc that will most likely turn every player using it against me. Not that that’s a surprise, really. Most players in my games love to dislike when I gamemaster. It’s only natural that like/loathe paradox extend to readers now – who in turn, turn around and use them on their friends. Ahhh, the cycle continues. Muwahahaha….er, em…

Ok, so yeah. Ravings of a tired mind here. Cut me some slack.

Overall, things are going extremely well. Our new home is now decorated with all the stuff that decorated our old home in PA before we sold it and moved to Virginia. It’s amazing how much Christmas decor we have – and how little we could really put up in that tiny condo the last three years. Sooo much more space. Which means, of course, more decor. I believe my lovely wife plans on camping at Michael’s the next several days… (I kid, honey! Really!)

The one thing we lack is outside decor. What we did have didn’t make it down in the move three years back; as far as I know some kind old grandpa is breaking it out from storage where he put all of it after buying it all during our yard sale. Which is okay, really. Our yard here is so freakin’ cool, it’s going to take me a year to plan what to do with it. That, and somehow get electricity to flow outside. (There are no outside outlets. At all.)

I’m practically vibrating right now, by the way. There’s some very cool news (regarding me) that I can’t break yet and it’s getting me seriously worked up. Oh, trust me – I’ll post it here when it’s announced.

Ok, other news…other news…(taps chin thoughtfully)

Ah! Well, we set up a holiday photo contest on WeLoveDC. You DC people need to enter it. Because I said so. Because I have that innate power of persuasion. Because if you don’t, I will cry. Don’t make me cry. It’s not pretty. No, really. Stop laughing. No, STOP! *sigh*

Hrm. Maybe I should quit while I’m ahead at this point. It’s apparent what state of mind I’m in right now, and that’s all you really care about, right? Right. Sure. You’re only here for the eye candy. So I guess I’ll indulge you. This once. Or not.

These are photos from this past Saturday, when we went window shopping in Old Town Alexandria. Enjoy.

(I’ll have more news this week – it’s a really good week for me and I need to brag. Deal.)

Old Town Tree






That’s it, people. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along…

4 thoughts on “Update? Never

  1. Batman, Batgirl, now Batcat…what’s next Bathamster?

    Can’t wait for the awesome news! Glad to hear the house is working out so well for you two!

  2. Wow, someone definitely had his caffeine before posting. 🙂

    So M’s gonna camp out at Michael’s, what about Target/Walmart to get the el-cheapos to put in the places you know the cats will get to? We have to do that, or at least use ones they can’t break.

  3. Classic Battle tech, hmmmmm you seem to have the right attitude, but are you willing to meet me on the battlefield. hehehehehehe

    Anyway, I too love battletech,especially from my view as a 3d Modeler/Concept artist! From the soliders point of view, all the way up to the portal view of the Mech Pilot! Though, I am not totally sold on everything battletech, as far as war-machine design, I do think it as developed and still evolving in a positive way!


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